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Moo stickers!

Design, 29 August 2007, 2 minute read is an awesome company. Their minicards are a great way to share contact information in a less formal, less boring way, and we’ve used them to great success as business cards for Fluxility. Seriously, everyone loves them. So when Moo also announced stickers and free shipping, it took me all of 5 minutes to persuade my colleague Wouter that we absolutely needed them.

The great discussion

What was going to be on the stickers was easily decided on: 45 of our logo on a green and 45 of our logo on a blue background with a stickerbook for us both. But then: there are 6 colours to choose from. Six! This led to discussion as to who would pick which colour, and why. I was especially partial to purple, and my colleague to orange but neither colour was especially Fluxy. (Well the purple was, once, but we’ve been reducing our purple-ness for some time now. ) When Wouter decided he wanted the green one, I opted for the blue one.

Done’s done

I ordered the same set for both colour stickerbooks, and waited till they came in the mail. A very confused girl delivered them to my house, Royal mail doesn’t use the official Dutch postage company for post I guess. Mine came 2 days earlier than my colleague (ha!) and I’ve had them for about three weeks now. The stickerbook is absolutely awesome, Moo always puts a lot of effort into the packaging. The stickers themselves are really thick and durable, with a nice coating. Our logo looks awesome on them:

Bookletour stickers

There is one problem though:

I haven’t dared to put a sticker anywhere yet. I’m always a bit scared of placing stickers anywhere, afraid to “lose” the sticker and afraid that I’ll get bored with some thing with a sticker on it, making the placement of a sticker a waste. Though I have 90, and the vinyl will come off easily, I still haven’t dared to place them anywhere. I’m going to stick one on my new duct tape wallet though, promise. (the old one is falling apart, so I need a new one.)

Anyone have another nice place to stick them on? (Electronics and furniture are out of question.)

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  1. Denise

    how about:
    • your phone (they do peel off)
    • the back of envelopes you send to clients etc
    • cutting them out into individual stickers and stapling them to a MiniCard, so people get a free sticker with every card
    • umm… the door of your office…
    • inside your ref books, so people know they’re yours
    and that’s it, I’m stuck now :)

  2. This reminds me of the time I made up a little company in 5th and 6th grade and got my aunt to order a printed carbon-copy receipt book (Indian style :)) with my “logo” on it. I don’t even think I used the first page yet (it’s so pretty!), and now that that “company” is sort of defunct, I’m not sure if I’ll need to.

    I personally like Denise’s idea of including them with your business card. I love stickers. They’re so much fun!

  3. If you ever find yourself shirtless and in desperate need of a designer branded top to cover your nakedness…. come to my new shop ! :D

    Yes it’s finally bloody happening, i’ve been harping on about it for the best part of six-seven months but i’ve shifted my arse into gear and now i’m just waiting to sign a lease! Hurrah for me!

    Thought I’d let you know since we never speak these days…

  4. some time later:

    – I’ve placed two on my new wallet
    – and another 4(!) on my laptop
    – countless of other people’s wallets
    on some people
    – in some cafe’s

    quite good i’d say :)

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