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The problem with new URL(), and how URL.parse() fixes that

Javascript, 24 April 2024

As someone building a browser I need to parse a lot of URLs. Partially to validate them, but also to normalize them or get specific parts out of the URL. The URL API in browsers lets you do that, but it’s ergonomics aren’t ideal.

Your page can’t change media features

CSS & HTML, 23 April 2024

Yesterday on Mastodon we had a short discussion about the (terribly named) overflow media feature. Because it has the same name as a CSS property it’s easy to think it has more power than it really does. Underlying that is the issue that your page can’t change the value of a media feature: media features say something about the medium: the device, browser or user preferences.

The gotchas of CSS Nesting

CSS & HTML, 13 June 2023

I've written before about the problems you can run into with CSS nesting (keep in mind that article uses an older syntax but the point still stands) and the question that @ChallengeCSS tweeted out today made me realize there's actually a few more gotcha's.

:root isn’t global

CSS & HTML, 1 May 2023

Most developers prefer to keep all their CSS custom properties in one place, and a pattern that has emerged in recent years is to put those on :root, a pseudo-class that targets the topmost element in your document (so that's always <html> on web pages). But just because they're in one place and in the topmost element, it doesn't mean they're global.

A small JavaScript pattern I enjoy using

Javascript, 3 April 2023

There is a JavaScript pattern that I enjoy using that I don’t see a lot around the web, so I figured it would be worth sharing.

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