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My experience at Modern Frontends

Life, Web, 24 November 2022

Sometimes we want something to be true so badly, we ignore all the red flags. I had only spoken at this big of a conference once, and that was mostly by accident. So when my CFP got accepted to Modern Frontends, I was elated. A huge conference, in London, surrounded by amazing speakers.

Screenshotting VoiceOver on macOS

Accessibility, 31 October 2022

For an article I was writing I wanted to create a quick screenshot of one of the Rotor screens that Voiceover on macOS shows. I couldn't because when you have VoiceOver active the screenshot shortcuts (cmd + shift + 3/4) no longer work because they're captured by VoiceOver instead. If you also have this problem, you can use the screencapture command line tool.

When going somewhere does a thing: on links and buttons

Accessibility, CSS & HTML, 4 October 2022

At the Fronteers conference, Manuel during his presentation did an exercise on building HTML that seemed fairly straightforward. On the site of Max Böck there's a thing you can click to open up a theme selector. What's that thing?

On better browsers: arbitrary media queries and browser UIs

CSS & HTML, 14 September 2022

This morning Kitty Giraudel tweeted about an imaginary media query that would indicate right- or left-handedness and it made me imagine a future where sites can register support for one or more media features through a browser API, and the browser would offer these options in the UI.

Do you know about overflow: clip?

CSS & HTML, 11 August 2022

You probably know overflow: hidden, overflow: scroll and overflow: auto, but do you know overflow: clip? It's a relatively new value for the overflow property, and with Safari 16 being released later this year all evergreen browsers will support it. So what does it do?

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