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CSS hexadecimal colors with transparency, a conversion tool

CSS & HTML, 24 October 2016, 2 comments

This notation works with both 8 digits and 4 digits (shorthand notation)

In both Chrome and Firefox, you can now use hexadecimal notation to describe semitransparent colors, by adding an extra pair of digits to the end of a hexadecimal notation.

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FromScratch is a cross-platform, simple but smart autosaving scratchpad.


SenCSs supplies sensible styling for all repetitive parts of your CSS, allowing you to focus on actually developing your website's style.


Grafico is an opinionated javascript SVG charting library with a wide array of graphs and a feature-full API.


Trimage image compressor is a cross-platform GUI front-end to losslessy compress PNG and JPG images.