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Front-end & user experience developer, Jedi.

What it means to be a Firstversionist

Life, 23 April 2019

I want to tell you about my new company Firstversionist. But to do that, I also need to tell you a little more about me.

What design tools get wrong

Design, 8 April 2019

Modern design tools, of both the vector and code kind, are amazing pieces of software that in recent years have transformed the design profession, but none of them seem to really understand the context that we currently design for. The remnants of fixed-dimensions are still visible in all and the tools are not helping us with the considerations and trade-offs that designers have to make about their work. Here are some of the features that my ideal design tool would support natively.

Making functional CSS work for me

CSS & HTML, 25 January 2019

For a long time I’ve wanted to like functional CSS systems like Tachyons and Tailwind. The concepts behind them are really appealing to me. Using short names for CSS property:values saves a lot of typing (hello Emmet, nice to see you again!), but more importantly by limiting the amount of design choices you can make, the implementation time will go down tremendously.

Electron Newsletter

Electron, 17 January 2019

Starting in February, I’m launching a newsletter on Electron. Each month I’ll collect the best articles, tools and applications, keep you up to date with the latest Electron-related news and interview someone from the Electron community.

An easy-to-use cross platform menu for Electron

Electron, 14 January 2019

If you develop desktop applications with Electron, you will quickly need an application menu. Even if you don’t have any menu options that are specific to your application, you will still want to add a menu to get things like copy and paste to work on a mac.



A cross-platform browser for responsive web design and development.


A cross-platform, simple and smart autosaving scratchpad.


Drag-and-drop lossless compression of PNG and JPG images for web.

Messenger Demo Viewer

Demo your (bot) interactions on Messenger.



The latest Electron news, articles, apps and interviews.

A Messenger Adventure!

Go on a text adventure in Facebook Messenger.

Fuck Yeah Keming!

A celebration of horrendous kerning.

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