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Your chatbot should have a game loop

Chatbots, 26 April 2017

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Many of the “smart” chatbots with Natural Language Processing and Artificial Intelligence still have a hard time keeping a conversation going. They keep forgetting whatever it was you were talking about even if you can see it plainly in the message right above!

Messenger Demo Viewer: demo (bot) interactions without showing personal chats

Chatbots, 7 March 2017

After you have made your awesome new Messenger bot, it’s time to demo it. If you made a bot for a professional client you don’t really want to give a demo with the always-present Messenger sidebar with your other personal chats visible for everyone.

Hocus Pocus: PostCSS to finish the trilogy

CSS & HTML, 26 January 2017

Back in 2014, nearly three years ago, I wrote about being tired of always writing a:hover, a:focus and wanting an a:hocus to do both for me. It got a lot of proposed solutions, including a Sass and a future-css one using CSS Aliases. In 2016, a year ago, I revisited the idea with CSS Custom Selectors and CSSNext. For this year, I’m rounding up the trilogy with a PostCSS plugin of my own.



A cross-platform, simple and smart autosaving scratchpad.


Drag-and-drop lossless compression of PNG and JPG images for web.

Messenger Demo Viewer

Demo your (bot) interactions on Messenger.

Fuck Yeah Keming!

A celebration of horrendous kerning.