Kilian Valkhof

Front-end & user experience developer, Jedi.


I enjoy building and creating things. Some are large and some small, some are serious and others less so. You can find those on this page.

Larger projects


FromScratch is a cross-platform, simple but smart autosaving scratchpad.


Trimage lets you losslessy compress PNG and JPG images.


A celebration of horrendous kerning.


SenCSs supplies sensible styling for all repetitive parts of your CSS, allowing you to focus on actually developing your website’s style.


Grafico is a javascript SVG charting library with a wide array of graphs and a feature-full API.

No longer online:

For various reasons, mostly time-related, these project are no longer available online. They may be revived in the future, but no guarantees.

Other things:

You can find most of my open source things on GitHub