Kilian Valkhof

Building tools that make developers awesome.


I enjoy building and creating things. Some are large and some small, some are serious and others less so. Project I work on tend to fulfill needs I have or allow me to experiment with new technologies. You can find my projects on this page.


A cross-platform browser for responsive web design and development.
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Extract design tokens from websites and use them in code and design tools.
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A cross-platform, simple and smart autosaving scratchpad.
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Most of these project are freely available. If you want to support me, please consider getting a Polypane subscription, or Buy me a coffee.


Drag-and-drop lossless compression of PNG and JPG images for web.
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Messenger Demo Viewer

Demo your (bot) interactions on Messenger.
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A Messenger Adventure!

Go on a text adventure in Facebook Messenger.
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Fuck Yeah Keming!

A celebration of horrendous kerning.
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maps Electron to Chromium. Used by Autoprefixer, Babel-preset-end and Browserslist


Lets you write *:hocus instead of *:hover, *:focus
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Lets you write CSS in Dutch
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You can find my open source projects and contributions on GitHub.

Older things I built:

Having been active on the web since around 2000, there are many things I built in the past that no longer work or are starting to show their age, but might still be useful in some way. This is that list.

F.lux for Ubuntu

Better lighting for your computer. Now an active community project.
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A collection of annoying JS functions. (2011)
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A css normaliser avant la lettre. (2008)

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A JS charting library with a wide array of graphs. (2010)
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jQuery plugin for pulsating elements. (2011)


Draw a canvas grid as a background. (2009)
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Text-shadow in IE

jQuery plugin to mimic text-shadow in IE. (2008)
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Context hover

a jQuery powered user experience enhancement. (2008)
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Converts geojson files to GPS from Rijksdriehoeks-coordinaten. (2011)

No longer online:

For various reasons, mostly time-related, these project are no longer available online. They may be revived in the future, but no guarantees.