Kilian Valkhof

Front-end & user experience developer, Jedi.


I enjoy building and creating things. Some are large and some small, some are serious and others less so. You can find those on this page.

First off, here’s a couple of big things I have made:


FromScratch is a cross-platform, simple but smart autosaving scratchpad.


Trimage lets you losslessy compress PNG and JPG images.


A celebration of horrendous kerning.

Secondly, I have made the following libraries or tools in the recent past:

You can find most of my open source things on GitHub

Older things I built:

Having been active on the web since around 2000, there are many things I built in the past that are starting to show their age, but might still be useful in some way.


SenCSs supplies sensible styling for all repetitive parts of your CSS, allowing you to focus on actually developing your website’s style.


Grafico is a javascript SVG charting library with a wide array of graphs and a feature-full API.

No longer online:

For various reasons, mostly time-related, these project are no longer available online. They may be revived in the future, but no guarantees.