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Fuck yeah Keming!

Design, 30 May 2011, < 1

Keeping profanity in the title like last week, Fuck yeah Keming is the title of a new blog that I started, a celebration of horrendous kerning all over the internet.

I decided to start a Fuck Yeah blog because I, perhaps immaturely, think that putting “Fuck yeah” in front of stuff makes it at least twice as cool. A day later someone on twitter said I should’ve named it “FLIck Yeah Keming” and have a double keming, which would’ve been even better if it wasn’t slightly confusing. Still, a missed opportunity.

Anyway, as I hadn’t announced it on my own blog yet, here is a copy of the introduction post I made on the blog:


Hey all! After seeing a horrible kerned image of type for the umpteenth time, I decided to do something about it! And in true internet style, I of course made a Fuck yeah Blog. You’re watching it right now!

Keming is a term coined by Ironic Sans. I am not associated with them, but they have an awesome shirt available.

The writer of this blog is Kilian Valkhof, A web developer/designer from the Netherlands. Suggestions welcome via the suggest button up top, or by sending a message to me via twitter: @kilianvalkhof.

Kem on!

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