Kilian Valkhof

Building tools that make developers awesome.

About Kilian Valkhof

Kilian does not like writing in third person, so will use “I” throughout the rest of this page.

Hello! I’m a front-end developer, user-experience designer and generalist. That means I also do back-end, visual design, marketing and devops, if need be. Because to me all those things impact a user’s experience, which is what I care about most. Trying to describe myself, I prefer “user experience developer” though I once got called “strange generalist” and yeah, that works too.

I build tools for developers, designers and other people that work on the web to make them more effective, efficient and to let them have more fun. I often write about the things I built or to explain the way I look at topics like design tools or accessibility. I am part of the Electron governance team and occasionally write for other blogs on a range of topics. (If you’re interested, contact me.)

Firstversionist is my professional home.

I am available for speaking engagements, please see my Speaking page.

If you want to know what I use to design and develop, check out the tools I’m using.