About Kilian Valkhof

Hello, I am a Front-end developer & user experience designer from The Netherlands. I am one of three founding partners at Fluxility, a kick-ass web development company. If you need a good professional website or a complicated web application, Contact us.

I have worked for a number of start-ups and companies, some of you can find on my Projects page. You can also find the open source stuff I release and blog about on that page. I built a CSS framework called SenCSs, a JavaScript SVG Charting library called Grafico and a number of other tools and scripts, which can be all found on my Github page.

I mostly do user interface design and I’m a big fan of designing-in-the-browser. Language-wise, next to HTML and CSS, I use JavaScript and Python. I usually leave all back-end stuff to my colleagues, all of whom are better at it.

I am available on project basis and on part-time, remote basis. Feel free to call me at +31 6 40 96 84 20, send me a message on twitter via @kilianvalkhof or e-mail me via my first name @ this domain. I bet you can figure that out.