Kilian Valkhof

Front-end & user experience developer, Jedi.

About Kilian Valkhof

Kilian does not like writing in third person, so will use “I” throughout the rest of this page.

Hello! I’m a front-end developer, user-experience designer and pretty much a generalist. That means I also do back-end, visual design, marketing and devops, if need be. That’s because to me, all those things in the end impact a user’s experience, which is what I care about most. Trying to describe myself, I prefer “user experience developer”, though I recently got called “strange generalist” and yeah, that works too.

I develop tools and occasionally silly things and then blog about them. I tend to have strong opinions but I try to hold them weakly. You can find evidence of that in this blog’s archive. I am part of the Electron governance team and occasionally write for other blogs on a range of topics. (If you’re interested, contact me.)

Firstversionist is my professional home base.

I am available for speaking engagements, please see my Speaking page.

If you want to know what I use to design and develop, check out the tools I’m using.