Kilian Valkhof

Building tools that make developers awesome.


I am currently available for speaking engagements. Sharing my knowledge and passion about a wide variety of topics is something I enjoy tremendously. I speak at conferences and meetups as well at private engagements.

Topics I speak about include Electron, React, Chatbots, Developer tools and Design tools and the future of web development, responsive design and (new) CSS functionalities. I do well delivering both technical talks for developer audiences as well as more high level, future-looking talks for more varied audiences, and am open to creating a new talk for your conference or meetup.

I would love to present at your conference, meetup or private event, please get in touch.

I will help promote the event, will be available to attendees for the duration of the event and attend the social activities surrounding it. I will gladly allow you to record and distribute my talk.

Past events I’ve spoken at:

Codefwd: Design patterns, 9 July 2020
Title: Beyond screen sizes: responsive design in 2020. Video.

Halfstack Conf online, 22 May 2020
Title: Responsive design in 2020: It’s not just screen sizes anymore. Video.

React Amsterdam meetup, 6 Feb 2020
Title: Design Tokens 101. Video.

QCon San Francisco, 11-13 Nov 2019
Title: Make Your Electron App Feel at Home Everywhere.
Slides, Video.

Fronteers Jam Session X, 3 Oct 2019
Title: We’re all desktop app developers now. Slides. Video.

Zoetermeer Tech night, 22 May 2019
Title: Introduction to Polypane

Digital We Programme, 1 Feb 2017
Title: What I learned about building chatbots Slides (Dutch)

Zoetermeer Tech night, 15 Feb 2017
Title: The Electron Framework. Slides (Dutch)

Electron.js Amsterdam meetup, 11 May 2016
Title: Cross-platform electron. Slides

Kings of Code, 29 Jun 2009
Organizer and MC, front-end side event

Fronteers meetup, 8 May 2009
Title: CSS Frameworks. Slides

Future of Web Apps, 4 Oct 2007
Title: Dutch guild of front-end developers