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Cross-platform Electron Tips

Electron, 13 May 2016, < 1

I recently gave a presentation on cross-platform tips for Electron at the Electron meetup in Amsterdam on May 11th.

Update (19 sept 2016)

The guys over at Avocode asked me to write down my presentation as an article for their blog. To get an extended read, check out 4 must-know tips for building cross platform electron apps on the Avocode Community blog.


The meetup was a lot of fun, with a cool 45 people attending and interesting presentations by Jessica, Felix and Kevin. And of course plenty of discussion on all the cool things you can do with Electron.

In my presentation I got pretty deep into the do’s and don’t, as well as the gotcha’s, when it comes to cross-platform development in Electron.

Here are the slides from my presentation:

Or view them directly: Cross Platform Electron tips

If you’re interested in the usage of Electron for you company or app, I am available for consultancy. Don’t hesitate to contact me, here or via Twitter!

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