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Slides of my Fronteers talk

CSS & HTML, 11 May 2009, 2 minute read

On the 8th of may I gave a presentation on CSS frameworks at a Fronteers meeting at Mirabeau in Eindhoven. I made the slides in Prezi as an experiment, which proved to be a very interesting way of presenting.

The presentation

Or watch it here, if full screen is more of your thing: CSS frameworks by Kilian Valkhof. It’s in Dutch.

The presentation is a general overview of the current CSS frameworks, both client side and server side. It gives a rundown of the way they work, what their (dis)advantages are and which one you should use. Just kidding ;)

I managed to keep SenCSs out of the presentation, for its larger part. The most fun discovery was that very little people knew about the server-side options like sass and cssscaffold. They provide a powerful way to manage your CSS and allow you to write smarter css, faster. It’s where the cool stuff will be happening :)

Prezi was interesting to work with, even though their sloppy coding prohibited me from making my presentation on my normal pc, a 64bit Ubuntu installation. It worked nicely in a 32bit VM though. Prezi, if you want a horde of smart, creative early adopters to use your product, pay me and I’ll fix your code ;)

The Meeting

Thanks to Martin for hosting the May meeting, Mirabeau in Eindhoven has an awesome looking office. It was our most southern meeting yet, and there were more people than I expected, so that was all good.

Besides my presentation, Arjan Eising gave a talk about WAI-ARIA. It was very interesting and he had some nice code examples, though I had hoped to hear a little bit more about the juxaposition between it and HTML5.

I also got rid of about 60 more stickers, which have been going like hot buns ever since they got the Zeldman seal of approval.

If you want to host a Fronteers meeting in the future, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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