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The coffee conspiracy

Life, 19 July 2007, < 1

Let me tell you how my regular working day looks: I wake up, I get dressed and eat my breakfast. I then proceed to make my coffee, my small beginning-of-the-day-ritual. I head to my computer. I’ll handle e-mail and check some sites for about 15 minutes. Then I start working.

During my e-mail checking I gently sip my coffee every once in a while, and during the first 15 minutes of work I do so as well. Then it happens.

I get into flow

Before I know it, My tummy starts rumbling and it’s time for lunch. I grab my, presumably empty, cup to rush to the kitchen to make lunch and more coffee and then I realise I let about of a quarter of my coffee go cold. Damn it! What a waste. And this happens to me a couple of times a week.

Sure, being able to slip in flow so easily probably is a good thing, but it annoys me to bits that I constantly forget my coffee.

How do you deal with the forget-everything effect of getting into flow? Do you think I should get a USB mug warmer? Let me know in the comments :)

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  1. I just can’t stand the taste of coffee ;)

  2. I’ve got exactly the same as you do! I always forget my last sip of coffee… :)

  3. I think all that caffeine is frying your brain cells, thats why you forget your flow!

  4. If anything, a USB powered warmer will make you drink even more coffee:)
    I can’t resist the smell of those hot, juicy coffee vapors going around my nose. Other than that I think cold coffee is less important compared to the work you get done during the flow.

    I find it hard to get in the flow sometimes and coffee doesn’t help a bit.

  5. Coffeehound

    Drink it black, and when it get cold it won’t taste as bad and there will be less bacteria!

  6. I started with coffee using sugar and milk, then i skipped the milk, because i couldn’t bother putting it in my coffee.

    Next thing i did was skipping the sugar, this was when i was in school and getting sugar took to long :P

    Then i got a job where i usually forgot to drink my coffee so i got used to drinking it cold.

    So here i am typing this with a nice hot cup of senseo coffee in front of me, knowing that i will drink the last half when it’s cold and to me it doesn’t matter anymore.

    So just keep drinking the cold part and you’ll get used to it.

    (all tough i still prefer hot coffee ;))

  7. Xoes

    What happens to the other L?