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Getting my feet wet with microformats

Web, 28 January 2007, < 1

Last Friday I finally signed up for the microformats mailinglist, and it appears that my idea of an XPN has fallen quite good. Unknown to me, there were already some small discussions about a similar idea, but no concrete plans, yet.

For those that did not read my original article: I want to form a microformat similar to XFN, but for professional/business relationships. This would be especially nice for portfolio’s, client lists and sites like LinkedIn. It would also make a sitesmadeby: search possible.

A Request

To enter the recommendation trajectory, I will need to find examples for it’s use first. These will be gathered at the XPN-examples wiki page. As you can see it’s quite empty now, compared to others. That is where I could use your help. Please let me know how you code your portfolio/client list currently, and I’ll be able to add it to the wiki, so we can somewhat standardize it.

I would really like this to get off of the ground, but I can’t do it by myself, so if you could help out, please do. I’ll owe you one. :)

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