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SenCSs 0.4.6 Released

SenCSs, 28 July 2008, < 1

I just released SenCSs 0.4.6, which adds some fixed and refinement of styles, and adds table styling. I also developed a logo for it and I thought it would be nice to show all the intermediary steps that lead up to the finished product. Click through for the links, the logo, the concepts and a request!

The concepts

SenCSS 0.4.6

You can download SenCSs 0.4.6, both the normal and the minified version, from Google code. Have a look over at the SenCSs website for the full changelog and more information.

The final logo

A Request

Wanna help work on SenCSs? I’m fighting with form styling and making it cross browser pixel perfect (a utopia?). If you see any parts of SenCSs that can be improved, or if you have good ideas that should/can/must be added, don’t hesitate to contact me using The comments here, my contact form, or Twitter. Cheers!

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