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Web, 28 April 2008, < 1

Something I completely forgot to mention, A couple of weeks ago I wrote an article about handheld stylesheets for the Dutch Web magazine It’s all in Dutch, and you can read the article here: Handheld stylesheets – maak je site mobiel. (English link after the jump)

If you’re feeling adventurous or not as Dutch as you thought, here is a pretty funny Google translation of the article. The Google translation is quite unreadable in some places, so given enough interest I might translate the article into proper English for re-posting on this website. Who’d be interested in that?

Polypane browser for responsive web development and design Hi, I'm Kilian. I make Polypane, the browser for responsive web development and design. If you're reading this site, that's probably interesting to you. Try it out!

  1. Francisco Blanchart

    I’d be interested, for sure

    (Can’t understand why I’m the first and only since April 28th)