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Seven things

Life, 6 January 2009, 3 minute read

Well, I got tagged by Stefan Koopmanschap and after exclaiming I’m far too young to have seven interesting things to tell about myself, I’ll try anyway. Here goes.

Seven things

  1. I share my birthday with St. Kilian. While it isn’t strange to share your birthday with the saint of the same name, St. Kilian isn’t a known saint here in the Netherlands. My parents and I only found out he even existed when I was 9 years old and I found out about him in the Internet. Since then, it’s been harder to believe in coincidence.
  2. Related, I was 9 when I first Googled myself.
  3. My first website (made in Frontpage!), back in ’99, was rather successful: It appeared in a kids computer magazine, on a couple of large Dutch kids websites, and I made 25 guilders from it. Mostly by signing my mother up for PABO (erotic post-order!) catalogues. They made me a whopping 2 guilders for every time someone ordered the catalogue through my referral links.
  4. Before I did websites, I used to do a lot of 3d design, of which this is the only thing still online. Back in 2005, I swear, that was near photo realistic! Sitting in front of your screen for the entire day, doing nothing and watching an image being rendered pixel for pixel brings out the Zen in you.
  5. I own a Tulip PC compact 2, from 1985. The thing is 3 years older than I am, and I learned DOS on it. I can still kick your ass in Grand Prix Circuit.
  6. My first programming experience is when I was 10-ish, and wanted to learn C++ to make games. My dad got me a discounted, but still expensive Borland C++ builder pack with two thick reference books included. I borrowed a C++ learning book, made some simple programs and… got stuck in chapter 3. Up until now, I still can’t for the life of me figure out why you would want to shift bits around. (nor why the concept appeared in the 3rd chapter!)
  7. I own an electrical guitar, an amp and an effects panel. I tried to teach it myself, and I can play a couple of songs and solo’s and tunes, But I should start lessons to really be able to do something with it. As always, time is an issue. On that account, I also need to start with driving lessons, which I’ve been putting off for over 2 years now.

Well, that was fun! How about sharing a fun or weird fact about yourself in the comments?

Tagging along

It shouldn’t be too hard to tag seven other people here. First off, my blogging Barcelona crew, since they all need to blog more ;)

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  1. oh man, I feel like a fossil now. I was graduating (bachelors) when I first used google, back in ’99…

    Anyhow, bitshifting is essential for pushing 8 bit data over 7 bit systems, controlling a set of electric motors using just one cable (robotics) or decyphering stuff like wbxml ;-), base64, utf-8…
    It’s also multiplying and dividing by two of course…

    It’s in the 3rd chapter since you’re supposed to know how to program before you start with C++. Didn’t you learn Pascal/Basic/Logo first? (Don’t get me started about the state of software engineering courses these days. I’ll be ranting for days.)

  2. Good to see your 7 things. You’ve come up with quite good ones as well! :)

  3. Kilian, do arjan en justin have a blog? I thought just stale and static front page sites…

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  5. Tijn, I was 11 and wanted to learn how to make games, so no, I had no prior programming experience :p well, except editing DHTML files like it was ’99. which it was. I still have no clue what you are talking about :)

    Wilfred, This should kickstart them again, I hope

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  7. Wilfred, I just like to write proper articles. That takes up way more time, and I don’t really have always time to write ;)

  8. Just someone


    You said you where 9 when you first Googled yourself. But if I’m not mistaking, you were born in 1988. Since Google inc. was founded in 1998 you must have been at least 10 years old. And I doubt you already knew about Google right after it was founded. (True: Google Search already existed in 1997 but almost nobody in The Netherlands had heard from it in those days.)

    Or did you mean ‘To Google – To Search on the web’?

  9. Yes.