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Pixel perfect forms, SenCSs 0.6 released

SenCSs, 23 February 2009, 2 minute read

After only two months, SenCSs 0.6 is released. A lot of the feedback from SenCSs 0.5 has been implemented, a lot of bugs have been fixed, and the form system has been completely rewritten.

New form system

There were numerous problems with the form system in 0.5. It didn’t look like the usual form widgets in most browsers, it didn’t allow for borders, it didn’t align with the baseline very well and it actually alternated the baseline alignment (which was a big mistake on my part.)

So, I completely rewrote it.

And that paid off: it now supports borders, aligns to the baseline perfectly and are pixel perfect in Firefox and Internet Explorer 6/7, and very nearly so in Opera and Safari.

SenCSs lite

One of the often heard remarks concerning SenCSs 0.5 was a request for a SenCSs Lite. So I gave that some thought, and while I understand the request, it would basically mean downloading the minified version of SenCSs 0.6 and removing everything from line 56 on. For now, I think you are capable enough to do that yourself.

Full changelog

As you can see, next to a new form system, there are quite some bug fixes, including some long standing ones (especially the monospace fonts in safari), and some superfluous stuff has been removed.

SenCSs 0.7

For the next version, I hope to get better baseline support in Opera and Safari. While about 90% of the elements work nicely, things like forms don’t work 100% properly yet. Besides that, what would you like to see in SenCSs 0.7?

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