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SenCSs 0.7 is out

SenCSs, 22 February 2010, 2 minute read

After nearly a year of no official new version (but active development and use regardless) I’ve now officially released the new version of SenCSs: version 0.7. This latest version splits senCSs into multiple files and has a host of smaller improvements.

So, go get it at!

Extra, Extra!

The biggest change is that I’ve split all the class specific styles into their own file, sen.extra.css because I noticed that for most sites, cherry-picking from sen.extra.css works much better. This brings the size of sen.css down to a small 5kb. None of the styles have disappeared, so horizontal forms, message styles and typographic classes are all still there and you can include them all, or just the ones you need.

Move to Github

Pretty much all my open source work in the past year has been published on Github except for SenCSs, which up till now was located at Google Code. Github kicks Google Code’s ass in almost every way and active development is much easier this way. With SenCSs on Github, I hope to recieve patches and improvements from other people as well.

Other changes

The CSS for forms has received an update, with cleaner selectors, fixes for the display of buttons and the vertical rhythm. This release also has fixes for monospace text in webkit and various bugs in IE8.

Full change log:

I hope you enjoy this release, and I look forward to the forks and patches that can be made thanks to hosting it on GitHub!

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