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Flickr, please fix your API!

Web, 15 November 2010, 3 minute read is no longer online

The past weekend, I built, which shows you a random CC-licensed Flickr photo of a cute animal. This being cute animals, I have to block out a lot of words such as “dead”, “scary”, “disgusting”, but also “playboy” (different bunnies here!), “tracks” (animal tracks aren’t cute), “stuffed”, “knitted” (only real animals!) and a boatload of other tags just to make sure you don’t suddenly stare at a disemboweled sea otter (That happened. Not cute). But the Flickr API has different ideas.

No dead animals please

Flickr’s photo search API allows you to search by excluding certain tags. This is great, because it means I can filter out all sorts of stuff that you just don’t want to see while looking for cute animals, such as anything concerning dead, shooting, fighting but also knitting, graffiti, skulls, playboy (bunnies), fur and stuff I hadn’t even imagined would give problems, such as “kitchen”, “makeup”, “art”, and a whole slew of other tags.

But it seems that exclusion tags are merely a suggestion to Flickr. Flickr doesn’t really seem to care when I say I don’t want dead animals. Every now and then, it just slips one in to see if I notice. Unfortunately the difference is pretty clear. On the other side, seeing a knitted hedgehog isn’t quite as offensive, but it isn’t quite a real animal, either.

What it comes down to though, is this: if you want to look at just some cute animals, a dead rodent is a major buzzkill.

This really is my biggest problem, and I don’t have a solution for it yet other than obsessively blacklisting individual photos. Suggestions are very welcome

Not that photo again!

When I select photo’s, I request a random search page between page 1 and 10000, with each search page containing one photo. You’d think the odds of the same photo popping up twice would be really minimal, right? As it turns out, the page attribute is also merely a suggestion to the API. There are a number of photos that just keep popping up for everyone, up to a point where they’re the only photo visible. Now, my random number generator isn’t broken, so it’s definitely happening at Flickr’s end.

This photo is really cute, but it starts to lose it’s shine after randomly showing for the tenth time.

Luckily I can circumvent this by checking if I already showed you this photo, and then requesting another one. I’m kind of forcing randomness here, I guess.

Sometimes, one means zero

Lastly, I tell the API to only return one photo, because, well, I only need to display one, and requesting more is wasting both my and Flickr’s bandwidth. However sometimes in the API one means zero and no photo gets returned. It doesn’t give an error or anything, but it doesn’t give me a photo either. This problem goes away entirely when you request two photos. So that’s what I do now. If it does go wrong again, I have a sickeningly adorable Red panda on my error page that should see you through to the next page refresh.

Thus concludes a weekend of playing with the Flickr API. The above three problems are very annoying so I hope Flickr will improve their search to fix these problems. If only so I can show people even more cute animals ;)

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