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Fromscratch 1.4.0

Apps, 23 July 2018, 2 minute read

I just released FromScratch 1.4.0 with a number of often requested new features: a light theme, portable mode support, installers for all major platforms, full screen support and a handy overview of all the smart shortcuts FromScratch has.

Fromscratch is a simple but smart notetaking app. It gets out of your way with no “note management” interface getting in your way. It automatically saves everything you type so you never lose anything.

You can download FromScratch 1.4.0 for free from the site

What’s new

For those of you that prefer dark text on a light background there is now a light theme. Toggle to it with ctrl/cmd + i.

If you prefer to run FromScratch from a USB stick, or change the directory where your date is saved, you can use the portable mode. Find the info about that in the Readme.

If you want to write your notes in a distraction free environment, the new full screen support (F11) is a great way to get some work done.

If you ever forget how to indent a line, or how to toggle a check box, you can always consult the list of shortcuts by pressing f1.

Full changelog

FromScratch. 1.4.0 comes with installers for all major platforms. Get them for free at

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