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Make Your Electron App Feel at Home Everywhere

Electron, 16 December 2019, < 1

I got invited to talk about Electron at QCon San Francisco in November and the video and transcript of the presentation are now available. Electron gives you the power to write a single application for Windows, MacOS and Linux. But Electron apps can easily feel out of place among other applications, exactly because you have so much freedom in designing your UI.

This feeling of something being “off” often comes down to the details, not your overall UI. In this presentation I’ll take you through the process of making your app feel at home on all three platforms, making you aware of the pitfalls and how to avoid them.



For the video synced directly with the slides, and the full transcript of my presentation, head over to the InfoQ website: Make Your Electron App Feel at Home Everywhere.


I had a blast speaking at QCon. Despite being massive compared to the front-end conferences I usually go to, it’s an extremely well-thought out conference and it’s clear the organizers have really dialed into what works and what doesn’t. Everything from the catering to the badges was just so clever and despite having nearly 200 talks across 3 days, I didn’t see a bad talk or feel rushed. If you get the chance to visit one of the QCons around the world, I definitely recommend it.

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